Active Fire

software, data visualization

2017 had been a year of extreme weather. In addition to annihilating hurricanes, 2017 has had a long and devastating wildfire season. Droughts exacerbated by the negative effects of climate change have contributed to the fire risks across the United States. During this summer’s Climate Change Communication Residency held in Summer Lake, OR I experienced a forest fire for the first time. The Ana Fire was ignited on July 8 by group of people carelessly shooting tannerite (exploding targets) and it burned approximately 6,000 acres. Then in early September DeKalb County, IL (where I live) was covered in a shroud of smoke that blocked out the setting sun. It was determined that the smoke originated from forest fires burning in Canada. Inspired by these experiences I began to develop Active Fire, an artistic visualization of national and global forest fires. Active Fire uses data scraped from,, and