single-channel video

Animalia is an inter-species fairytale about a girl who is disenchanted with the world and wishes she could fly. She joins the circus only to discover it is a secret military operation. She then runs away to the woods and falls under the spell of a mystical deer. When she becomes an antlered deer-creature, she finally achieves flying powers and enters an ethereal world of hybrid creatures. Animalia began as a multi-media performance created by inter-disciplinary artist C. Ryder Cooley. Bart Woodstrup worked with Ryder on this project to animate her hand drawn illustrations.



2014 Pixels of Identities, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey


2013 BorderBody, MECA Mediterrneo Centro artstico, Almeria, Spain


2013 BorderBody, Gallery mds (Galeria sztuki Wspczesnej mds), Wrocaw, Poland


2013 Circus, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI


2012 Collar City Film Festival,Troy, NY


2012 Collar City Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY


2011 The West Virginia Mountaineer Film Festival, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV


2011 Out Film Fest, Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, Covington, KY


2011 XMALIA (featuring a screening of Animalia), Proctors Theater, Schenectady, NY


2011 Sycamore FIlm Fest, Sycamore, IL


2011 TvFILM, WMHT, Troy, NY


2011 New Kingston Film Festival, New Kingston, NY