Black Night Calling

single-channel video


In "Black Night Calling," I explore the tumultuous landscape of teenage angst, sexual frustration, and the haunting specter of suicidal thoughts. This video art piece serves as a visceral exploration of the complex emotions that often accompany adolescence.


It is a contemplative journey into the intricate dance between sexuality and spirituality, the struggle to rein in desire, and the poignant challenges that arise from the enigmatic intersection of the physical and the metaphysical.


The visual language employed in the piece is deliberately evocative, with a carefully composed soundtrack to intensify the emotional impact. The movement of bed sheets in the wind becomes a visual metaphor for the elusive nature of desireā€”a delicate interplay of energies that are both seen and unseen. The ethereal choreography of invisible lovers beneath these billowing sheets invites viewers to witness the intimate, yet elusive, connection between the corporeal and the spiritual.


The piece unfolds against the backdrop of a distant train's melancholic serenade, symbolizing the irresistible allure of external influences that often lead one's self-doubt onto the tracks of introspection. The rhythmic clatter of the train resonates over an image of sheets stained with the visceral hue of blood red, embodying the struggles with one's own existence.


running time: 3:40