Figures in the Landscape

interactive installation

Figures in the Landscape is an interactive video installation using custom video software. It is inspired by the works of Thomas Cole and JMW Turner especially in the relationship of natural landscape to technology and industry. Figures in the Landscape places the viewer in the video-projected landscape, and through the viewer’s movements allows the viewer to act as ‘painter’ of the landscape. As the viewer moves in front of the work, the outline of their body begins to transform the imagery by revealing images of human-made landscapes and architectures. Sound is also transformed from the natural sounds of birds and crickets into mechanical sounds and noises. The more the viewer moves through the space, the more the installation is transformed. As the viewer remains stationary, the imagery returns to a natural scene.


2009 School of Art - Faculty Biennial, NIU Art Museum, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL


2007 Fulton Street Gallery, Troy NY