single-channel video

The choice of gamelan music for a multiple-channel, sound diffusion composition was inspired by an interest in splitting the polyphonic stratification found in gamelan music between the channels of audio in a multi-channel environment. "gamBANG" uses a nuclear theme based upon a nontraditional pentatonic scale. This theme is first heard in its slow form at the beginning of the composition. The sound is slow and sustained, imitating the sound of a rebab – a two string, bowed lute commonly found in gamelan music and native to Bali and Java. It is heard along with the random sounds of the computer-synthesized gongs. This composition, though originally designed for a six-channel/speaker presentation, could be performed in a stereo environment.


This work was completed in partial fulfillment of a masters degree in Computer Music and New Media Technology at Northern Illinois University. You can find the thesis here.


1999 Musicarama, Hong Kong, China