single-channel video

"Pixave" is the first completed work in a series of collaborations by artists Matt Biederman and Bart Woodstrup. The initial goal for "Pixave" was to experiment with the basic elements of video. Biederman began with the visual portion and Woodstrup the audio.


For the video portion, Biederman works with the rudiment of an electronic image, the pixel. The pixel is either on or off. It is purely a source of light. It conveys no information, other than simple beauty. The sonic portion of "Pixave" was conceptualized similarly to that of the visuals. The goal was to focus on the fundamental unit of delivery within the medium. For the audio portion, Woodstrup had to choose between using a granular synthesis technique that would allow for manipulation of the basic grain of sound, or to involve another process that would analyze each sample of audio and then re-synthesize it. The choice was to use the latter involving FM synthesis and convolution.


Biederman and Woodstrup produced each portion individually and then simply mixed them together, letting the pieces fall where they may.