Sketches of (in)Finite Consumption

web-based, interactive software
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The following pieces nosed around the concept of our insatiable and unsustainable consumption habits amidst landscapes subject to increasingly unpredictable climates. Derived from my work with laser-cut paper, here these two-dimensional worlds are dragged into the realm of animation, with new kinetic frontiers popping up on the horizon. The interactive software applications I produced allowed me to simulate the following ideas in physics: Perlin noise, inverse kinematics, forward kinematics, Lissajous curves, gear velocity ratio, fluid dynamics, and Newton’s Second Law of Motion. Placing these scenarios into the audience’s lap gets an environmental conversation flowing, yet at the same time allows for the elementary kicks of busting rock and perverse pleasures of trawling the high seas for those globally ubiquitous and supremely uncomfortable white plastic chairs.


2021 SOS Planet Earth, Stola Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL


2021 SOA Annual Faculty/Staff Exhibition, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, BGSU School of Art, Bowling Green, OH