single-channel video, live cinema

This piece began during a residency with Matthew Biederman at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. The imagery was inspired by trying to use video processing to filter out the commercial branding used in NASCAR sporting events. Concerns over the war in Iraq, "NASCAR dads" (voting demographic), and George W. Bush's presidency were subtexts for the piece.


The music of Trex/Marc Bolan was inspiration for the sonic composition and accompanying lyrics/poem:


She's a put together tire changer,
she's chain-reaction hypnotized.
Clad in emblems and anthems, an undying tribute,
pole position qualified.


The pedal pedestal of fossil fuel economy machine.
A patriot in her revolution, petroleum bloodstream.
In a carbon fog ideology for the ever-wealthier wanton waste.
My souped up coupe with greased ball bearings is ecology with grace.


Video: Matthew Biederman/Bart Woodstrup


Sound: Bart Woodstrup