billboard design
Original digital image proposal Billboard mounted in Medvode, Slovenia

This artwork was completed for the 2022 I Am Water billboard art campaign/competition hosted by ecoartspace and Our Humanity Matters. Based on membership voting, the top ranked artworks would be reproduced on billboards across America and abroad. The contest organizers requested submissions that focused on "water as a source of life that mediates our planet's ecosystems for humans and nonhumans alike, including all watershed beings such as trees, forests, fish, animals, insects, soil and mycorrhizal networks".


Two proposals were submitted, one that portrayed water on a stock market index chart demonstrating it as a scarce, tradable commodity (not pictured). The other artwork submitted was the one pictured here: a cartoon-like illustration of human heads dying of thirst in a sea of water.


This artwork, entitled Thirsty, was selected for a billboard in Slovenija, Medvode.