To Painting - A la Pintura

live performance

To Painting (2006-07) includes flute, piano, cello, dance, textile, images and electronics. The title refers to the series of poems "A La Pintura" written between 1947 and 1967 by the Spanish poet and painter Rafael Alberti. These illuminative poems were the inspiration behind Robert Motherwell's series of paintings (1976) of the same title. This multi-dimensional composition animates the text and two-dimensional paintings exposing additional layers of the works through sound, color, texture and gesture by provoking interactions between artists, artwork, space, movement and the audience. The artist states, 'By doing this, we hope to dive deeper into the intricate meanings of these works, both politically and expressively, melting into an effortless unity of sound, movement, words and light'."


Through the iEAR residency program, I was asked to collaborate with flutist Jane Rigler to develop an immersive, interactive video projection for her composition "To Painting". The piece was performed at the Flea Theatre in NYC and The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY.


flute, Jane Rigler
dance, clyde forth
piano, Shoko Nagai
cello, Alex Waterman
costume, Marian Schoettle
real-time video performance, Bart Woodstrup


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2008 To Painting, In Audito: Programa Musica Contemporanea, Bogota, Colombia


2008 To Painting, Roulette, NYC, NY


2007 To Painting, Flea Theatre NYC, NY


2007 To Painting, The Arts Center of the Capital Region Troy, NY