single-channel video

Toughy is a collide-o-scope of sight and sound. The music originated through the computer manipulation of popular Drum and Bass equipment. The samples are cliché, the arrangement, however, is quite unique. Please don’t dance. The Imagery? Well, to me it’s about facades, but really, it’s whatever your baggage claims. There’s some sex and violence for good measure, but Jesus Christ has his eye on things.


This video was produced kaleidoscopically as an exploration of the symbiotic relationships between sound and visuals. The way in which the music was created was a departure from my standard approach – traditional computer music programming. I was presented with an opportunity to experiment with commercial “Drum and Bass” equipment (drum machines, turntables, analog synthesizers, etc.). The goal was to dissect the sound from its typical BPM (beats per minute) looping structure and insert elements of chaos and noise. Images were then directly associated with the various aesthetic qualities of the music.


2001 Benefit for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Brooklyn, NY


2001 Not Still Art Festival 2001, Boston, MA