The Wind Turbine Powered Flag Series

LED flag Series


The Wind Turbine Powered Flag Series consists of several flags with embedded e-textile circuitry (LEDs) that allows them to be visible at night. As such, the flags thematically represent celestial imagery such as constellations, space exploration, and meteor showers. The flags are powered by a small Lenz vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that is mounted to the top of a flag pole. All flags are 3’ x 5’ and are made from a durable nylon material suitable for displaying outdoors.


We Came In Peace

We Came in Peace is a tribute to the six flags of the United States that were placed on the moon by the Apollo missions (1969-1972). The LED’s on the flag form a map of these lunar landings. For the past forty-plus years the flags have been subject to a temperature range of -150°C to 100°C. Without an atmosphere to protect the flags from sun’s ultra-violet radiation the flags have likely been bleached completely white. While the Apollo flags are probably severely deteriorated, recent lunar images suggest that the flags are still flying (except for the Apollo 11 flag which was knocked down when the Ascent Module made its return to Earth).


Meteor Flag (after Chelyabinsk)

Meteor Flag (after Chelyabinsk) is in reference to the meteor that fell on Chelyabinsk, Russia on 15 February 2013. This meteor is unique because it was recorded by the numerous ‘dash-cam’ videos popular in Russia and that the videos subsequently went viral.


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2013 “We Came in Peace” Faculty Biennial, NIU Art Museum, DeKalb, IL


2013 “Chelyabinsk Meteor Flag” Destination Moon, Hostelling International, NYC, NY